Are the prices shown per month?

No.  These are one time prices to purchase a single license of the software. Hard to believe, but true.

Can I use the template on multiple computers?

Yes.  Your license provides the individual named on the license the right to use the template on multiple computers, however, when moving to a new computer you will be required to re-enter your license code.  If additional users wish to use the template to create or modify a schedule they are required to purchase a  separate license in their own name.

Can other Excel users view and modify the schedules that I prepare?

Yes.  However, if they do not have a license they will be restricted to using the features that are available in Trial Mode.
How can I share the completed schedule with my employees?

The best way to share he completed schedule with employees is using the "Save to Web" feature.  This will create a document that you can either e-mail to your employees, print to distribute manually, or upload to a web server to share it online.

How do I prepare a multi-week schedule?

Each workbook is for one week.  To prepare a multi-week schedule use multiple workbooks. Start by getting the roles, employees, operating hours, staffing needs and perhaps staff availability configured in a “master document”.  Then  clone this for each week.  Whether it is easier to start each week from the ‘master’ or build out the first week’s schedule and then use that as the starting point for the second week will depend on how much your plans vary from week to week.

What are the restrictions in the trial versions?

The trial versions of the software are fully functional but will only work for 5 days.  After that time you will be need to purchase a license if you wish to continue to use the software.

When do you expect to have a version for the Mac?

Unfortunately, Excel for Mac does not provide all of the capabilities to support our templates.  We will reassess whether we can deliver a version for the Mac as Microsoft releases future versions of Excel.